Tune Out Of The Noise III – The Final Part – Out Now

The third and final part of the butterfly series is released.

It continues to explore the same sonic landscape as the previous two.
However, these 7 brand new tracks are of course totally unique.


1). Effulgeo
2). Nitidus
3). Dignitas
4). Laetitia
5). Exuberans
6). Sacrum
7). Spiritus



Even though each part can be fully enjoyed on its own, you will get an even fuller experience when all three are combined chronologically.

Here’s a PLAYLIST with Part I, II & III that you can add to your library.

Try putting this list on repeat when you go to bed.
Chances are that you will experience a deeper sleep than normal.

Henrik Flyman - Tune Out Of The Noise III (January 5, 2024)