Fairly Answered Questions


I was born in Sweden and relocated to Denmark.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. My main instrument is guitar.

Evil Masquerade, Lacrimosa and Black Moon Secret.

Probably the one I’m currently working on.

Lacrimosa is Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi. I play guitar for them.

Anything that comes with a memorable melody and a sincere performance. Check out THIS Spotify playlist to get an idea.


I’ve been playing the same Aria Pro II PE-1500 on all albums and shows.

I have tried many different amps throughout the years, but after finding ENGL I see no point in looking further. I use the E 650 top through E 412 cabinets.

I have no favorite brand and they’re usually a bit too old. Thickness from bottom to top: 9 – 11 – 16 – 26 – 36 – 46.

Not much. Usually just a delay for leads.

Standard 440 Hz.

Composing, producing & performing

Not any more. I did a lot of teaching in the past but I’ve lost interest and motivation.

Probably not, but you never know. Feel free to ask.

For me it’s important to be in harmony with the universe. Persistence and patience are also of great significance. You never know when a good melody decides to show.

I have done it in the past, but not so much recently. I’m not opposed to the idea if the project feels interesting.

The absolute best atmosphere for song writing is found in solitude late at night. Preferably after midnight. The main reason for that is the silence and the very few interruptions.